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by hafijur

Qiuzziz is an educational software solution that enables educators and students to conduct interactive formative assessments through game-based quizzes. It provides a range of features, including instantaneous results and engagement reports.

Like Quizalize, Kahoot and Quizlet, it allows users to play game-based quizzes with their class, while teachers can monitor student progress. The tool offers different game modes, varied question types, and customization options with themes, music and memes.


Quizizz is a gamification platform built to assist with classroom curriculums. Teachers can use the tool to create quizzes that students can complete while remaining anonymous, and they can view results in real-time with a live dashboard. This gives teachers a centralized view of progress and allows them to assign additional assignments directly through the tool.

The platform also provides several features to make the quiz experience more exciting for students. These include leaderboards, music background, power-ups (like in Kahoot), meme feedback, and question timers. Teachers can choose to have these features on or off depending on their needs. For example, some students may be motivated by the competitive nature of leaderboards while others may prefer a more studious experience.

Another feature is Quizizz’s homework mode, which allows students to work on quizzes or other learning activities outside of class. Homework mode is great for a variety of subjects and can help students get ahead before exams. This is particularly useful for students who have trouble remembering important information and concepts. The tool also lets students share their answers with other classmates or instructors, which can be helpful for peer review.

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