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Super Sus Guide: How to Play the Impostor

by James William

So you’re ready to jump into outer space, sabotage your spaceship, and be the boogeyman who will terrorize your crewmates. Sounds fun! Unfortunately, it ain’t easy being an Impostor. Before you do a Super Sus top up in preparation to be the best Super Sus Impostor there is, you should first brush up on how to play the Impostor role with our Super Sus guide below.

The Super Sus Impostor is a very important role since a huge chunk of the fun relies on having an excellent Impostor. If you’re able to bring in the mystery and excitement, you’ll be able to bring in the fun. With this Super Sus Imposter guide, you’ll leave your crewmates in awe of your Imposter skills and take their breath away—literally!

Super Sus Impostor Guide

Ready to become the best Impostor there is? Here are some Super Sus Impostor tips to help you!

Know the Roles

To be a good Impostor, you have to know who your “enemies” are and understand your own role first. Currently, there are 38 Roles in Super Sus. A lot of Super Sus Roles are out to get you, so know which ones can harm you and which ones you can use to your advantage.

For example, the Sheriff can shoot you on sight, while the Warden can interrogate and then execute you. The Engineer can travel through vents and the Joker’s goal is to get ejected as the Impostor, so you can use these identities to pretend you’re them.

As for you? Well, it’s simple, really—the Imposter eliminates everyone without being noticed!

Memorize the Maps

A good Super Sus Impostor should know the maps like the back of their hand. By mastering these areas, you can seamlessly and mysteriously pop in and out like the Baba Yaga that you are. You can out-maneuver crewmates, know the blindspots of each area, and strategize which tasks you should sabotage.

Currently, there are seven maps in Super Sus. These are the Spaceship, Mars Base, Air Force Lab, Giant Airship, The Squid, Krakenburg, and Magical Castle.

Be Patient

As an Impostor, timing is always the key when you eliminate a crewmate. Don’t rush through things and quickly kill anyone you see. Most importantly, don’t kill anyone within the first minute of the game if you don’t know how your fellow players behave yet. Take your time, strategize, and lure them to be complacent with their safety.

Be Unpredictable and Unexpected

Speaking of luring your victims to be complacent, one way to make them too chill about their safety is to be unpredictable and unexpected. If you’re not doing the usual Impostor beats, some of them will start to think you don’t know how to do your role. Leave them confused till they realize too late that you have eliminated them one by one!

This particular Super Sus Impostor tip will need you to spend some time observing the usual Impostor actions so you can subvert them.

Learn How to Pretend

Lastly, a good Impostor is a great pretender. Learn how to act like another role and lie through your teeth while being extra convincing. If they point fingers at you, point back at them. Plant the seeds of doubt so they will suspect each other more!

Ready to be an Impostor? Top up online and hop up on that spaceship fast! Play Super Sus on Android now.

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