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The Role of Quizzes and Lessons in the COVID-19 Pandemic

by hafijur

Quizizz is a student engagement platform that operates like a gameshow. Teachers and students can use it to create and share quizzes and lessons with their classmates. It supports multiple question formats, including multiple choice, fill in the blank, open ended, draw, slide, and poll.

It also offers a variety of gamification features, such as leaderboards and question timers. These can be turned on or off to suit the needs of each class.


Quizizz is a free, online learning tool that uses game-based quizzing to make classrooms more engaging. It allows teachers to conduct formative assessments and assign homework in a fun way for students of all ages. It offers different game modes and works on all devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is also very easy to use and does not require any additional software or downloads.

The app allows teachers to create, import, and share quizzes. It also offers a library of ready-made quizzes and lessons for different subjects and grades. Moreover, teachers can customize these quizzes and lessons to meet their unique needs. They can also add music and meme feedback to make the quizzing experience more fun. Quizizz also provides an instantaneous performance report that gives teachers a treasure trove of analytical data.

Teachers can choose to conduct a live quiz, assign a home assignment, or create a personalized quiz that allows students to work at their own pace. Students only need an access code to join, and can use any device (computers, tablets, or smartphones) that has a browser. They can retake the quizzes to improve their scores and get better feedback on their performance.

Unlike other tools like Kahoot!, Quizizz requires no teacher accounts or student logins. Students only need a code to join and can change their username at any time. The only personal information that the instructor needs to enter is a valid email address, which is used only for the purpose of creating a quiz or to receive a response. This is in accordance with the site’s privacy policy.

There are several features that make Quizizz stand out from the rest of the competition. For starters, it has an intuitive system that looks great, and makes the process of preparing and taking quizzes easy for everyone. It also offers the option of using different games and settings, such as question timers and meme feedback, which help encourage students and keep them engaged. The only downside is that some students might find the competitive nature of the leaderboards annoying, but this can be easily solved by turning it off.


Lessons are a new way to engage your students on Quizizz. They are instructor-led presentations that combine slides and multimedia with questions (multiple choice, fill in the blank, checkbox, open-ended, and polls). Lessons can be created within Quizizz or teachers can upload an existing presentation using PowerPoint or Google Slides. They can also include a live whiteboard for further interaction.

A great tool for reviewing content before a traditional test or a more in-depth lesson, lessons allow teachers to control the speed of the class. Teachers can pause after each slide, skip between slides, reopen questions, and more. They can also add interactive power tools like Spin the Wheel and Pick Student.

Students respond to the questions in a Lesson in real-time, similar to a quiz. The teacher can see their responses in the lesson report at the end of the lesson. Lessons work live or asynchronously and can be linked to Schoology assignments.


Gamification is an approach to teaching and learning that involves the use of game mechanics to increase motivation and engagement. It involves the use of a system that rewards students with points, badges, and leaderboards for engaging in specific tasks. Several studies have shown that gamification has positive effects on student learning, including improving motivation and retention in the classroom. This study focuses on the role of a gamification tool called Quizizz in increasing student engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The gamification platform has quizzing and polling features that can be viewed in real time. It also comes with helpful learning tools, such as flash cards and practice tests. It is designed to improve student engagement and help them prepare for exams. It also allows instructors to view results of each question. This information can be used to provide personalized feedback to students.

This study uses a qualitative research method to examine the impact of gamification on student learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. The researchers analyzed student responses to determine whether students were more likely to answer questions correctly when they participated in a gamified quiz. The research was conducted in an online project management information systems class at a remote university.

The study found that gamification improved student engagement and retention in the classroom by using a game-based assessment system. The gamification tool was easy to use and allowed students to learn more efficiently by providing them with frequent feedback. It also reduced student anxiety and helped them focus on the subject matter.

The results of the study indicate that gamification can be an effective tool for improving student engagement in a remote education environment. It has the potential to revolutionize learning and instruction by transforming tedious activities into instructive games. It can also significantly improve students’ critical and creative thinking and information and technology literacy. This study highlights the importance of incorporating gamification into the classroom and recommends further research on the effect of gamification on students’ motivation and perceived learning outcomes. It may also lead to new trends in eLearning technology and encourage the development of a new generation of gamified tools.

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