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Quizizz Reviews 2023

by hafijur
Quizizz Reviews

Quizizz is a gamified student engagement tool that operates like a game show. It can be used to help students learn anything in a fun and interactive way both in-person or remotely.

It comes with a variety of question formats including multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, draw, and open ended. It also provides instantaneous performance reports for teachers and students.


Quizizz is a gamification platform built with teachers and students in mind. It offers many different ways to engage learners including quizzing and polling, and live video. Students can remain anonymous and compare their answers to those of other students in real time, making it easy to assess student understanding and progress. Quizizz also offers helpful learning tools like flash cards, practice tests, and question hints that can be assigned to students through the administration portal.

Unlike Kahoot, which only has a quiz creation feature, Quizizz includes a wide variety of options that make it easy for teachers to create fun online games and lessons. For example, teachers can add a music background, power-ups (that doubles points), or meme feedback that can make the game feel less stressful for students. They can even edit the leaderboard to control how competitive it is for their students. They can also choose to turn off question timers, which could be distracting for some students.


Qiuzziz is a compact engagement monitoring platform that comes equipped with real-time quizzing, polling and interactive communication methods like live video, chat, image sharing and more. It also features a wide range of learning tools including practice tests, flash cards and question hints for students that help them monitor their own progress. Informative reports featuring metrics like participant, question and class are a part of the package as well. Its compact design helps users track and manage their classrooms from a single location.

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